Best of Kenya

Best of Kenya

Combine sambaru & the mara in the best of kenya safari

Both regions offer different experiences, animals and sceneries, making the combined Best of Kenya Safari the ultimate safari. This safari starts in Samburu but it is also possible to start in the Mara by doing this itinerary in reverse.

Day 01

Your African Adventure Begins!
Start in the Mara or Samburu – it’s your choice. But if it’s Samburu, plan to arrive in Nairobi the night before, as it’s an early transfer in the morning.

Depart: 09:00 Wilson Airport, Nairobi
Arrive: 11.00 Samburu
Transfer: 11.15 By car to camp in Freeman Safari 4WD
Briefing: 11.30 Camp information & Tent allocation
Lunch: 12.30 In camp
Safari: 15.00 Afternoon drive to see game at dusk
Return: 17.00 Return to camp, showers
Evening: 18.00 Welcome drinks around the camp fire
Dinner: 19.30 Dinner in camp
Day 01

Your African Adventure Begins!

Transfer from your hotel to Wilson Airport, Nairobi for your flight to Samburu. On arrival you will be met by your Driver/Guide who will stay with you throughout your Safari and will take you to the camp on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, a welcoming sight. There will be time to unpack, freshen up and have lunch before an afternoon game drive until last light. In the evening, sitting around the fire on the river bank is just magical before dinner.

Depart: 09:15 Wilson Airport, Nairobi

Arrive: 11.00 Samburu

Transfer: 11.15 By car to camp in Freeman Safari 4WD

Briefing: 11.30 Camp information & Tent allocation

Lunch: 12.30 In camp and have lunch

Safari: 15.00 Afternoon drive to see game at dusk

Return: At Last Light, Return to camp, showers

Evening: 19.30 Welcome drinks around the camp fire

Dinner: 20.00 Dinner in camp

Day 02 - 04

Samburu Camp

We are out at first light, making the most of the cool morning. The park consists of a beautiful but scorched landscape. Here conditions are ideal for Grevy’s zebra, oryx, gerenuk and many more dry country mammals as well as a huge variety of birds such as the vulturine guineafowl. The river is the lifeline here and depending on the time of year, it can be a raging torrent or as dry as a bone, but you will never be disappointed. Samburu is the place to see huge numbers of elephant and boy, do we see many! We will spend a couple of hours under a tree on the river bank watching ‘elephant action’, the crossings, drinking, playing, fighting and chasing and even being charged by the ‘totos’ – baby elephants, and particularly the baby bulls! The glades produce great leopards. Samburu is usually very hot, dry and dusty so take good precautions for yourself and your equipment! During lunch at the camp you will enjoy watching the elephants in the river from your tent.

Day 05

Ewaso Nyiro River Camp & Thomson’s Falls, Mt Kenya

We aim to leave by 08:00. We drive on the tarmac road to Isiolo, a small cosmopolitan town before travelling up and around Mt, Kenya to Nanyuki where we stop for a cool drink before continuing west to Thomson’s Falls where we stop for lunch. We then proceed south down the Rift Valley wall to Naivasha, arriving by late afternoon. We stay at Elsasmere, the former home of George Adamson (Born Free) right on the lake shore. There is time for a boat trip on Lake Naivasha taking pictures of Fish Eagles swooping down and Hippos close by.

Day 6

Navaisha to Masai Mara

After breakfast we say goodbye to Naivasha and head off to the Mara, a drive of six hours or so depending on the state of the road and traffic. The road continues right across the Rift Valley to the eastern wall from Naivasha making this an interesting drive across the Rift Valley, then through the Masai capital of Narok, a scruffy, dusty town which is always full of action. We arrive in the Mara in time for a late lunch before an afternoon game drive, returning to the camp at last light to shower before the tradition of drinks and samosas around the camp fire before dinner.

Day 07 - 13

Masai Mara

Daily Camp routine includes an early game drive at dawn and another at dusk –prime viewing times for Africa’s animals.
An early rise and breakfast, then out in search of the game. As the camp is so well located in the National Park, there are many available routes. We usually start looking for a particular cat, a male leopard for instance, but that can all change if a cheetah is spotted out hunting. Rest assured that we will spend time with the game and will stay if action is anticipated. Freeman Safaris offers much more flexibility than other safari companies as our location means you are in amongst the action – not spending 2 – 3 hours travelling just to get into the park. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching an active pride of lions in the morning light – especially if there are cubs. During the migration we check on the huge wildebeest herds to see if they are moving down to the Mara river to cross. River crossings are so exciting as the tension builds up in anticipation. Will they go this time? Just as the conditions are right something spooks them and they all turn and wander off. So, there is yet another wait until eventually those at the water’s edge are pressured into the water and the drama starts. The crocs move into position, it’s nail-biting action! The wait for a crossing can take anything from 10 minutes to 5 hours and many times we have called up lunch as we don’t dare to leave. Having lunch under an acacia tree within sight of thousands of wildebeest and zebras is quite something!
The Mara is full of surprises. There is no better place in Africa that matches up so well to people’s expectations. We will search for black rhino, particularly if we find a bull or a mother with calf. Black rhino are very grumpy and can charge us so we often say, “Keep filming, we’ll look after you safely!”

Day 14

All good things must come to an end!


Departure:  16.00    Ol Kiombo Airstrip

Arrive:         17.00    Wilson Airport, Nairobi


We leave camp early for a final game drive before lunch. Then there is ample time to freshen up , pack the rest of your kit away and have a final cup of tea before leaving for the airstrip. You arrive in Nairobi and take a taxi to Jomo Kenyatta Airport where you will continue your onward journey with great new experiences and terrific Kenyan memories.