Freeman Safaris

The ultimate dining experience

Our Camp is located on the river bank in the National Park where we co-habitate right alongside the animals. As you enjoy our food and hospitality at the end of a day, you’ll be watching the hippos play in the river just metres away. Meals play such an important part in the day’s routine, you will be surprised just how hungry you get – and at the delicious meals our chef provides – everything is cooked fresh daily, including bread from the charcoal oven, to soups, salads, roasts, barbeques and puddings. We cater for all tastes and accommodate dietary requirements. Just let us know in advance.

Our evenings begin with pre-dinner drinks and samosa’s (the recipe is available here) by the river,  then we sit down to a candle-lit table, enjoying a relaxing traditional meal and discussing the day’s events. Then enjoy a coffee and a nightcap around the fire, which our Masai askari has kept well stoked, before being escorted to our tents.

Dining during the day is also very important, as it’s hard work out on the plains. Every morning a big hamper of goodies is prepared for the day ahead, including snacks and drinks for morning tea. If we’ve happened to find the perfect spot, or we’re waiting for the right shot, lunch is very flexible, so we don’t miss any of the action!

We return to camp for lunch where the action doesn’t stop. Overlooking the hippo pools, we enjoy hearty meals to reenergise us for the afternoon’s drive. Tea and coffee is available at all times and after the afternoon drive, we welcome everyone to sit around the fire for drink.