Freeman Safaris camps are located right in the heart of the action inside Kenya’s National Parks. Enjoy an eco-friendly stay in our camps that provide a feeling of the safaris of old, whilst enjoying the modern comforts of ensuites as well as electricity in your tent for cameras and computers, and much more. Join us on safari for an incredible wildlife experience and see why the Mara is the ‘Jewel of Africa’…

Freeman Safaris

Our Camps: Masai Mara

Freeman Safaris camp is right in the heart of the Mara on the river bank surrounded by trees. We peacefully share the space with elephants, lions who roar and leopards who prowl through the night. Nothing equals the pure magic, the sheer excitement of being right in the middle of the Mara.

In place of the usual sounds of the city, the serenity afforded to you by the plains of Africa provide a sensational replacement. With the multitude of wildlife around our camps at all times, the soundscape is shaped by the bird calls and the lion roars and so much more that Africa is known for. It’s a truly incredible experience to just relax, and listen, and absorb all the sounds of the Mara.

The tents look out over the Olare Orok River, which runs south into the Talek River where the ‘Big Cat Diary’ was shot. The Mess Tent has a great view of a large group of hippos who keep us entertained while we sit around the camp fire in the evenings. Be prepared for anything!

The camp is truly eco-friendly. We leave nothing behind when we vacate the site for the rains. We also use the hippo paths between the tents, along the river front. We leave the site just as we found it – every year.

We also don’t impact wildlife in their ability to move around. At night, while everyone is in their tents, the animals are escorted through the camp by some of our Maasai Askari. This process is as safe as can be in Africa, and means we maintain a positive relationship with the wildlife around us.

Freeman Safaris

Our Camps: Samburu

Samburu is in a great location in a part of the National Park where no one else is allowed to camp. We are a long way off the beaten track. It is a real privilege to share this with the elephants and hippos, as well as the crocodiles who come out on to the sand banks just in front of the mess tent.

See and feel the wildness, the rugged beauty of the camp under the dom palms within feet of the water. This camp is so well hidden that it can only be seen as you drive into the palms, it is so private and isolated.

Imagine sitting around the fire at the water’s edge watching the river in the light from the fire and enjoying all the activity; seeing hippos feeding on grass further downstream, watching the large crocs fishing, hearing the occasional lion…the sounds of the African night.

We only use our camp in Samburu should the party be large enough, otherwise, we stay at Ashnil Samburu Camp, a luxury tented camp set in the spectacular backdrop drop of the Mighty Ol Olokwe mountain fronting Ewaso Nyiro River.

All third party accommodation is on a non inclusive basis, therefore, guests will be required to settle their bar bill and laundry directly with the establishment.