What Makes Freemans The Leading Safari Experience for Photography Clubs?

Professional and amateur photographers have been coming to Kenya with us for decades. As a photographer myself, I am all too aware of the important factors when shooting wildlife. The right gear is one thing, but without the local knowledge and support to get you where you need to be, many hours and even days can be lost. My camp is located right inside the Mara, alongside a river, home to several families of hippo.
Because we can cater specifically for groups, our fleet of vehicles can set off in different directions to meet everyone’s individual needs. In minutes, you are immediately immersed in the Kenyan landscape with any number of vantage points close by to find the shot you are after. Big game, the exhilaration of a Wildebeest crossing or the calm observation of a pride of lions or family of elephants, it’s all here.

How Many Photographers can Come?

My Mara camp can cater for large groups. The booking process allows for groups upto 12, however, if you have a larger group, please email me. Of course, smaller groups are equally welcome or even individual photographers. No one is excluded.

The Best Use of Your Time

My team of Masai drivers all connected by walkie talkies who scout the plains for the animals, and importantly, where the day trippers are not! We go into areas the others don’t, so you can be assured of an uninterrupted pursuit of what you’ve come for. Your brief to my team is vital in planning your daily excursions. Whilst you may be looking for the action of the chase, your fellow photographer might be more interested in the quiet solitude of a lioness and her cubs or tracking down the extraordinary birdlife on the Mara. We accommodate everyone’s objective. There’s no spending the first hours of your day just getting to the National Park, every minute is spent doing what you came for.

Vehicles Designed Specifically for Photographers

You’ll see that we have adapted our vehicles specifically for photographers with sides removed to enable you to get down and low for that impressive POV. Mounting cameras on the rail I’ve designed allows you to easily and quickly change a lens whilst your gear is right on the seat beside you. For high shots our open roofs give the landscape perspective. And my local Masai guides who have grown up on the Mara, will take you to the most remarkable locations, up close and personal with the incredible game.

The Authentic Experience

One thing we are not, is the resort spa with a mini bar in your room. We’re unashamedly old school. After a day on the Mara, you’ll enjoy a beer, wine or Gin and tonic with your fellow group members by the fire overlooking the river, comparing notes and no doubt reliving the remarkable experiences of the day. Dinner is served in the mess tent by my local chef, after which you’ll retire to your comfortable, canvas tent (with ensuite!). Here’s where you can sort your gear, backup your drives and charge your batteries in preparation for tomorrow’s next adventure.
Our safaris for photography groups are priced to make them affordable and to create a fantastic experience for your group. We’re all here for one reason and that’s to get the shot you’ve dreamed of. I’d love to welcome you to my camps and share the magnificent Mara and Samburu experience with you. It’s an authentic experience that’s increasingly very hard to find anywhere else in the world.

And it’s all here waiting for you.

Brian Freeman