First of all, it so important you go to see your doctor and seek advice, don’t take any chances. It is better to be fully protected as requirements do change – as do treatments – particularly with malaria.The latest pills are so much better with no side effects. Prevention is the name of the medicine game, so take advice. I don’t take any malaria pills, my staff and I spend too much time out and we would go yellow. Prevention is by far the best option and fortunately, as we do not operate in malaria areas, it is more for anti-bite precautions. If I am going to a known risk area then we all take medication, as I would expect you to do for the whole of your stay in Africa.

Some people are concerned that they may suffer with some form of stomach complaint.Well, I can count on one hand the number of times it has happened. Good hygiene practice is very important in our camp routine, a point we all insist on. As I am well known in the areas we visit, you will have to shake hands with many bush people. As they do not practice our safe hygiene routines it is when anti-bacterial wet wipes play an important part.

Personal Medication

If you are on medications then please ensure you have enough medicine to last a minimum of a month. Keep any spare separate, as we have had tablets stolen by vervet monkeys in the past!! It is important to ensure you have sufficient, as it is difficult and expensive to buy medicine locally. If you need any help or advice please ask as we are able to cope with most things. For example, we can run inverters changing 12 volt DC to 240 volt AC off the vehicles as well as the other way around. There are not many situations we have not come across before and extra staff can always be used to help the less able. This is the beauty of being totally self-contained; we operate at our pace, the itinerary can be modified to cater for your needs and I can assure you nothing is too much trouble.

Personal Medical Kit

Although a full medical kit is carried at all times, I still strongly recommend your make up your own medical kit.You know your ailments best and the medicines you prefer, but here are a few suggestions: anti-malarial, insect bite pencils, anti-itch lotions, painkillers, cold remedies, ear drops, eye drops, mouth ulcers, indigestion tablets, skin applications, lip sores, anti diarrhoea, muscular cream, burns cream.

A good place to start looking for a list is AboutTravel, and NomadTravel have a some more cookie cutter ready made packs here.


If you wear glasses, then a spare pair is a must – particularly if you wear contact lenses. There will be days when you need to rest your eyes and glasses are easier –whatever you are used to. You certainly will need to take extra fluids for cleaning etc.

Lotions & Potions

Don’t forget all your creams, sun block, after sun, as well as moisturiser and enough toiletries, shampoo, toothpaste, blades for the duration. Wet wipes are extremely useful and strongly recommended. Don’t forget the all-important insect repellent, the best contain Deet.