Freeman Safaris

Freeman Safaris


Freeman Safaris provide a totally immersive experience of the real Africa. Our camps are located in national parks, so you are living day and night with the animals, the people and incredible fauna that is the Masai Mara.  Experience the wild from dawn to dusk!

SAFARI: Discover the Masai Mara

Freeman’s Mara camp is located on an isolated river bank within the National Park.This is as close as it gets. Each day at dawn and dusk we explore the surrounds to discover the natural rhythm of life that is Africa. From a new group of young lion cubs to the migrating wildebeests, cheetahs and zebras, just minutes from your tent.

Zebras Kenya

Combine days at the Masai Mara camp with more at Samburu to experience the best of both Freeman Safari National Park camps. Each location offers different landscapes and animal groups. It’s the ideal Safari for those wanting to explore Kenya and see even more.


Elephants Samburu
SAFARI: The Sights of Samburu

The Freeman Safari in Samburu takes you into the heartland and homeland of the African elephants and leopards, as well as the dry country animals found in the region. Dusk and dawn adventures are scheduled daily with plenty of time to soak up the splendour that is Samburu.


SAFARI: The Gorillas of Rwanda

Travel the plains to Rwanda to see the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Encountering these extraordinary primates is an experience like no other. Freeman Safaris support the incredible work the rangers do in protecting these precious animals.


The majestic big cats of the Mara continue to epitomise that which is Africa. Our one day Freeman Big Cats Safari takes you on an exclusive tour of the feeding, sun lounging and frolicking cubs in the Mara. If you’ve no more time to spare, our Big Cat Day Tour will give you a taste of Kenya.

Custom Safaris

Freeman Safaris offers custom itineraries, ideally suited to those wanting their own private vehicles and guides, or exclusive safaris. We cater for:

•  professional photographers
•  small groups
•  animal enthusiasts
•  researchers

Advise us of your preference and we will design a personalised safari to exceed your expectations.