Freeman Safaris

Maximum Game Viewing

All our vehicles are designed to give you maximum game viewing in comfort – well as much comfort as is possible in the rough terrain of the Kenyan bush! Our Land Rovers have the go-anywhere capability, the power to get through where others fail and still give a more comfortable ride. Having the right vehicle enables us to get into the right position for that very important shot.

The vehicles have been modified with roof hatches and comfortable seats – with plenty of pockets and space for your equipment – to give you maximum vision to shoot high or low.

On each safari there is a maximum of four clients per Landrover with two sharing each large hatch. However an increasing number of clients, including photographers equipped with top-of-the-range professional cameras and large telephoto lenses (300mm F2.8, 500mm or 600mm F4 or similar to these), have asked to have either a hatch to themselves or an exclusive vehicle.

Please request this on time of booking.

Freeman Safaris

For the serious Photographer

Freeman Safaris have recently introduced an exciting new additional vehicle to the fleet which has been specifically adapted for photographer’s needs. It is based on the Landrover Discovery and is a no-compromise vehicle allowing the photographer an unprecedented range of viewing options. I think I can truly say that there has never been a vehicle that answers so many of the problems that photographers encounter when trying to get the ultimate shot on safari. Ideally suited to the professional or serious amateur photographer.

“I was very fortunate to be provided with a specially converted Landrover Discovery (Disco) to evaluate for the duration of my stay on the Mara. It is very well thought-out and must represent just about the ultimate wildlife photography vehicle for the purposes of safari photography. The Disco has been strengthened, its doors removed and replaced with a horizontal shelf allowing you to shoot anywhere along the side of the vehicle at eye level to your subject. As there is only the driver’s seat plus two passenger seats (which swivel) there is a great deal of space inside. The Disco also has two closable roof cut-outs so you can still shoot in any direction unhindered when standing up. I will never forget the sight of photographing two exquisite cheetahs walking straight towards me to within a couple of metres while I laid on the floor at slightly below their eye level – now that was a wildlife experience! I wouldn’t be that brave with a leopard though.


John Devries, Ophrys Photography